Bitcoin Q&A: Why are fees not transaction outputs?

Why do fees not show up as transaction outputs? Where do transaction fees go? How do miners receive fees? More about transaction fees can be found in these chapters: This question is from the December monthly subscriber session,

Tron Partners with Oracle = Huge News!

Tron Partners with Oracle = Huge News!

Oracle just partnered with Tron and has been partnered with STEEMIT. BTT airdrop will happen in Mid Feb to any TRX holders. Stay up to date by subscribing to my channel! Visit My Website and check it out!

Billy’s Bitcoin: Animated

If you'd like to buy the paperback or kindle version of "Billy's Bitcoin", they're available here: We also have a bitbacker account! If you liked this video, please subscribe! Please visit my page on, which is like

BITCOIN BIGGEST FLAW? Programmer explains

Bitcoin cannot be dependent on Internet Providers, today we discuss how we are solving this issue with Bitcoin satellites and alternative interfaces such as cellular broadcasting, mesh networks etc. The Largest & Most Popular Crypto Casino –