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#DApps #TRX #iOST #STEEM #ETH FISH n CHIPS has me relaxing until phase 2 kicks in. Also, be aware of the Quarterly rewards that will be happening Jan 10th! If anyone can help me figure out the CropBytes game, please do so lol FISH n CHIPS Link – https://fishnchips.io/wallet.php?r=guppysbot How to make an iOST Account – https://youtu.be/qgn992GUuIg Guppys FISH and CHIPS Launch Guide – https://steemit.com/dapps/@inacryptoworld/fish-n-chips-the-launch-guide DAppStats YT – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV6lzTl3Fy4KjRvrY_iDpeQ
DAppStats Tele – https://t.me/DappStats
DAppsBuzz – https://www.dapps.buzz/
CryptoHeem Channel – http://bit.ly/CryptoHeem
CryptoSaint Channel – http://bit.ly/CryptoSaint TRX DApps:
Trontopia DAppStats Link – https://dappstats.io/TronTopia iOST DApps:
50% Bonus Dominance DApp – http://bit.ly/DomDApp ETH DApps:
Gandhiji Link – http://bit.ly/Gandjiji STEEMIT – @damajicman3
Twitter – @BentCrypto
Telegram Channel – https://t.me/DecentralizedMindz
Telegram – @BentCrypto Exchanges:
CoinBase Pro – http://bit.ly/2SMbiHW
KuCoin Exchange – http://bit.ly/2ULUTVO
Bibox Exchange – http://bit.ly/2sgZMsU Other:
PrimeXBT – https://primexbt.com?signup=97104
Brave Browser – http://bit.ly/2RT2Dmy

FISH n CHIPS Day 3 and CropBytes