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=== BLOCKCHAIN AT BERKELEY PRESENTS === (Part 2) THREATS TO BITCOIN PANEL === INTRO: "Bitness As Usual" === Silicon Valley Bitcoin organizer and COO of Portal, George Burke. Transcript at https://medium.com/portal-finance/bitness-as-usual-9c353cddef53 === PANEL: Game Theoretical Analysis ===
Are regulated centralized exchanges compatible with long term adoption of bitcoin? Are alternatives needed? What will regulatory framework look like for crypto trading and will that increase or decrease market adoption for assets intended to be private & censorship resistant? – Bryan Miller: Served 2 US presidents. ex Sr. Counsel, US Dept of Energy. AQUARIAN GROUP political advocate against California BitLicense bill. – Eric Voskuil: Crypto-anarchist, long-time Bitcoin developer, Navy fighter pilot, creator of LIBBITCOIN. – Mason Borda: ex-BitGo developer, Founder/CEO of security token issuer TOKENSOFT. – Chandra Duggirala: Founder/CEO of atomic swaps wallet/exchange PORTAL. (Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-AUyyAgF2E) === WHO ARE OUR SPEAKERS? === BRYAN MILLER



https://twitter.com/theaquariangrp MASON BORDA
https://twitter.com/masonic_tweets ERIC VOSKUIL
https://twitter.com/evoskuil CHANDRA DUGGIRALA

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Blockchain At Berkeley UNSTOPPABLE EXCHANGE (2): Security threats to Bitcoin