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#DApps #TRX #iOST #STEEM IOSTWin Update: After the upgrade, the mining of the token will be stopped. The remaining WIN tokens and the tokens held by the IOSTWIN team will be destroyed. I snagged some IOSTWin tokens when the price was low. It has jumped literally 200% since. 25% Bonus Dominance DApp – http://bit.ly/DomDApp Visit My Website and check it out! www.bentcrypto.com Follow me on Twitter – @BentCrypto
Telegram Channel – https://t.me/DecentralizedMindz
Telegram – @BentCrypto
P3DHeem Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC79mOjGmoAXY7AExfRzEpDw Exchanges:
CoinBase Pro – http://bit.ly/2SMbiHW
KuCoin Exchange – http://bit.ly/2ULUTVO
Bibox Exchange – http://bit.ly/2sgZMsU Other:
PrimeXBT – https://primexbt.com?signup=97104
Brave Browser – http://bit.ly/2RT2Dmy
Share2Steem – https://share2steem.io/?ref=damajicman3
Ledger Nano S – http://bit.ly/2oBMODR
Quadency 25% Discount – http://bit.ly/2FWiVH4
GGBot Crypto Trading Bot – http://bit.ly/2CNBFZZ

IOSTWin Tokens will be Destroyed… New Lottery Game?