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Welcome back to another episode of the Wild West Crypto Show, in partners with C-Suite Radio! Exciting guest line up this week! We have joining us Laura Loomer, an investigative journalist who's not afraid to speak her mind, and Will Lehr with Perpetual Assets! Laura comes on our show to talk about having a deep love for her country and being banned from big media companies such as Twitter, Paypal, Venmo, Facebook, etc. just from expressing her views. You don't want to miss her interview! Jonathan with CryptoCurrencyWire updates us on what's going on with cryptos this week with BitFrontier Capital, GoChain adding Dish Network, and more. From Perpetual Assets, we have Will Lehr coming on to our show who also joined us at the BitCoin Ben Event. Will tells us what Perpetual Assets is all about and what it allows individuals to do with their cryptocurrency. We at The Wild West Crypto Show and C-Suite radio work at the speed of crypto to bring you all the latest content! Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel and we promise to give you all the latest news and content in the crypto space! Visit our website for more content:
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WWCS EP 57 | Freedom of Speech with Laura Loomer