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https://www.youtube.com/bitcoincomofficialchannel?sub_confirmation=1 Roger's memo.cash account: https://memo.cash/profile/13asW3EC1eEzqUF1vDwixjqL47x1uPTnx1 ————————
———————– ►CASHSHUFFLE | Has shuffled over $2 Million USD in Transactions
Since the launch of the Bitcoin Cash mixer Cashshuffle, the platform has seen a total of 8,625 BCH shuffled outputs since March 27 and close to 2,000 Cashshuffle transactions. LINK: https://news.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-cash-users-have-mixed-millions-of-dollars-since-cashshuffles-launch/
SOURCE: https://explorer.bitcoin.com/bch/address/bitcoincash:qqqxxmjyavdkwdj6npa5w6xl0fzq3wc5furaqdpl59 ►XTHINNER | Successfully Compresses Blocks by 99%
BCH developer Jonathan Toomim recently revealed progress with the Xthinner block compression protocol. LINK: https://news.bitcoin.com/xthinner-protocol-tested-on-bch-mainnet-shows-99-block-compression/ ►TOP YOUTUBERS | Migrating to Crypto Supported Platform Dlive.
YouTuber Pewdiepie has announced to his 93 Million subscribers, that he is joining live streaming platform Dlive. LINK: https://news.bitcoin.com/youtube-star-pewdiepie-joins-live-streaming-platform-that-accepts-cryptocurrency/
SOURCE: https://dlive.tv/ ►COIN TUBE | Brings Another Alternative to YouTube
Another alternative to the video sharing platform YouTube has come to the stage- with the soon to be released- Coin Tube. LINK: https://cointube.cash/ ►BITCOIN CASH | 1000 Physical Locations on AcceptBitcoin.cash There are now over 1,000 BCH-accepting merchants, grouped into over 40 categories on AcceptBItcoin.Cash LINK: https://news.bitcoin.com/community-run-directory-surpasses-1000-bch-accepting-merchants/
SOURCE: https://twitter.com/bitcoin/status/1115291461942034434?s=12
https://acceptbitcoin.cash/ ►LIBERLAND'S MERIT TOKEN | Captures $1M Market Cap
The sovereign microstate known as Liberland has recently minted a new token called merit (LLM) and the coin has been added to the Altilly exchange. https://www.altilly.com/asset/LLM
https://liberland.org/en/ ►PODIUM.CASH | Check Out The Top 100 SLP Transactions By Volume. SLP Official Token in the lead, followed by ToriBonBon, then Honk Honk. ACD also in the top 10 along with the Bitcoin Cash community’s favourite “Spice” token, awarded for spicy and thought provoking content. LINK: http://podium.cash/ ►CASH GAMES | Top Bitcoin Cash Online Casino Bitcoin.com Cash Games has exclusive casino games without the need for registration or any log in with zero fees! LINK: https://cashgames.bitcoin.com ►Visit:
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Top Youtuber Streams On Crypto Platform, Blocks Compressed by 99% and Over $2 Million BCH shuffled

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