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Bitcoin had yet another one of those moments this week where it spiked 10% in 30 minutes. Why? It could be … Maybe because … Possibly … That's how most explanations start. And while this is a natural start to any explanation for why any market moves, in the case of Bitcoin it's often because there's no "obvious" explanation for anyone to latch onto. At least in the stock market we can blame tariffs for everything! Steemit: https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@cryptovestor/bitcoin-spikes-can-anybody-explain-them Okay so perhaps it might be because of excitement over the Bitcoin ETF decision next month (regardless of how likely it is). Perhaps it was over the Congressional hearing that started on July 18th. Perhaps it's because short sellers got squeezed and buy stops got hit by the dozens. My own theory is that it's because a few significant buyers jumped in and trading bots jumped on board after seeing volume rise and seeing Bitcoin break resistance at its 50 day moving average, causing more money to flood in and perhaps a few buy stops got hit along the way. But nothing is certain. What are your theories? Another interesting element to all of this is that usually when the crypto market rises, money flows to altcoins as investors become more risk on. But in this instance, Bitcoin dominance has been rising at an accelerating pace. I have said before that I suspect there will be a "second wave" where money flows to crypto again and in that instance, I suspect altcoins will fare well. Is this the start to that wave? As of right now, I don't think so. There needs to be a more fundamental reason (e.g: Bitcoin ETF approval, although that still seems unlikely in short-term) for people to pinpoint why they should flood more money into this market. For now, I believe this spike was just Bitcoin being Bitcoin. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Coinbase announced they are exploring adding 5 cryptocurrencies (Cardano, BAT, Stellar, Zcash and 0x) to their exchanges if possible. This caused a boon in these cryptocurrencies, but it is worth noting that this boon was far smaller than the boost XRP saw back at the height of bubble due to speculation of being added to Coinbase. This illustrates exuberance in the market has decreased substantially, even if it is still a risky market overall. What are your thoughts on the current crypto market? I am still simply holding with no trades, but I know a few of you are still likely actively playing around so feel free to share what you're up to in the comments below. Thanks for watching / reading! ================
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Bitcoin Spikes: Can Anybody Explain Them?